Become a Member

As provided for in Article 3.3 of FIVS By-Laws, candidates for full, affiliate or individual membership must complete and submit the following application form to the FIVS Secretariat.

Upon receipt of the application for membership, the Secretariat in consultation with the Presidential Council, shall notify the members. If no full member communicates an objection to the Secretariat within thirty (30) calendar days of the date the notice was issued, the Secretariat, with the consent of the Presidential Council, shall notify and admit the applicant to the appropriate category of membership.

Letter from the Chairman

Dear Prospective FIVS Member,

Thank you for your interest in FIVS. For companies and organisation heavily involved in the alcohol beverage industry, we believe that you can benefit from joining forces with others involved in the industry. Becoming a member of FIVS will afford your group a unique opportunity to develop contacts and to receive valuable information pertaining to the international alcohol beverage industry within an already established framework.

FIVS is composed of representatives from a wide range of associations and companies in the international alcohol beverage industry. We continue to try to develop our Federation in a way that promotes the most diversity between Old and New World producers and that advocates on projects in the international arena that will make a difference. We ensure that all interests are represented by acting solely on a consensual basis. I welcome your application to join and kindly invite you to do so.

I hope this website provides you with a better understanding of some of the issues we address and the way we operate.

Please do not hesitate to contact the FIVS Secretariat with any questions you may have about our activities.


Greg Hodson