Scientific & Technical Committee

The Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) exists to assist with complex scientific and technical matters related to alcohol beverages and to utilise expertise in this area to support FIVS initiatives and to ensure its positions are based on sound science by:

  • Supplying scientific and technical expertise as needed in support of the Presidential Council and Working Groups.
  • Supplying scientific and technical expertise as needed in support of FIVS strategic initiatives.
  • Ensuring the soundness of FIVS positions and communications that have significant technical content.
  • Ensuring, where appropriate, that FIVS advocacy with International Governmental and Nongovernmental Organisations (IGO)/NGO is based on impeccable science.
  • Creating a library of FIVS position papers and guidance documents on topics of a technical nature (such as the Good Fining Practice Guidelines).
  • Ensuring that informal technical liaison activities in the industry (which has aims that align with the strategic objectives of FIVS) are encouraged and that FIVS is appropriately informed and engaged.
  • Establishing mechanisms as appropriate to assist with informing product regulators on the scientific and technical elements of the production and characteristics of alcohol beverages.

The STC reports to the Presidential Council of FIVS, receiving requests from throughout the organisation for scientific and technical advice, and keeps FIVS and its members informed of relevant developments.

If you would like to become involved with this Committee, or need access to the FIVS-Alive online working platform, please contact the Secretariat. Please note that you need to be logged-in to your FIVS account to view the documents posted in the members section below.