Working Groups

FIVS is currently pursuing strategic initiatives that further industry objectives based on areas of common interest among its members.

Main Initiatives

FIVS-Abridge is an online database of international regulations and agreements covering major topics and markets in the wine industry.

FIVS-Assure is a database that provides instructive examples of social aspects programmes in the alcohol beverage industry.

FIVS-Foresee is an initiative in the area of sustainability, offering members essential resources to implement sustainable development programmes for their own organisations and companies.

FIVS-Inform is systematically reviewing and suggesting alternative labelling mechanisms to statements made in word form, such as pictogrammes.

FIVS-22 is a long-term project that advocates the adoption of sound approaches in customs classifications of alcohol beverage products (Harmonised System Chapter 22).

Other Initiatives

Contribution to National Economies: FIVS members have undertaken studies to assess the economic impacts of national alcohol beverage industries.