Environmental Sustainability

FIVS-Foresee is an initiative that encourages the adoption of meaningful environmental sustainability programmes based on the ability of these initiatives to satisfy the triple bottom line concept of combining financial viability with the requirements of social and environmental sustainability. FIVS has developed resources to help organisations and companies from the industry to plan and implement sustainable development programmes.

Global Wine Producers Environmental Sustainability Principles (GWPESP)

The Global Wine Producers Environmental Sustainability Principles set forth general tenets that promote the idea that the continued health of the wine industry rests entirely on natural resources (e.g., solar energy, appropriate climate, clean water, healthy soils, etc.) that are successfully integrated with sound ecological processes. These principles embrace the view that the protection and development of these natural resources within sound sustainable development practices is essential.

FIVS Social Sustainability Principles for Ethical Trading (FSSPET)

The FIVS Social Sustainability Principles for Ethical Trading were adopted by FIVS in April 2017. This set of principles and values is a foundation for the FIVS Wine Sector Participants to incorporate social responsibility into their businesses. Members committed to the FSSPET, are guided by common values and principles to respect human rights and ensure lawful, fair and ethical behaviour in all their commercial dealings.

Greenhouse Gas Accounting Protocol

The initiative to develop the Greenhouse Gas Accounting Protocol was undertaken by a partnership of wine industry bodies in South Africa, the United States (California), New Zealand, and Australia. Key to the process was achieving consensus on the emissions sources to be included and excluded in carbon footprint calculations.

The protocol forms the basis for the Greenhouse Gas Calculator, which forms an illustrative application of the protocol. Wine producers using different calculation tools will also be able to claim participation in the international industry approach if their chosen tool is shown to be consistent with the adopted industry carbon footprint protocol. In creating these tools, the following references were consulted:

Greenhouse Gas Calculator

The Greenhouse Gas Calculator is based upon and forms an illustrative application of the Greenhouse Gas Accounting Protocol. Currently realised as an Excel Spreadsheet, the Calculator is intended to become a web-based tool in the future (Greenhouse Gas Calculator Users' Guide).

OIV Cooperation

Since 2007, FIVS has been working with the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) on the development of guidelines for sustainable winegrowing that incorporate FIVS' Principles. It is hoped that these will be formally adopted by the OIV.

Sustainability Mapping

The Sustainability Mapping project compiles information about national sustainability programmes. Topics include, among others, site selection (for new operations), varieties selected (for new vineyards), soil conditions, water use efficiency and carbon accounting. The sustainability mapping document is currently being developed.

If you would like to become involved with this initiative, or need access to the FIVS-Alive online working platform, please contact the Secretariat. Please note that you need to be logged-in to your FIVS account to view the documents posted in the members only section below.